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About Me


Throughout my life, I have lived by “If nobody will open doors, smash through the windows” because making new opportunities for myself and expanding my own skill set is important to me. 


A few years ago I stood on the plinth in Trafalgar Square rambling about everything and nothing for Sky Arts Andy Gormans one and other show (Sky Arts)  


I appeared on Winter wipeout on BBC1 as snowman snogging trev and this has stuck with me ever since and a joke shared by friends. 


I also beat Mark the Beast on The Chase (ITV). Over my career, I have worked on various films and ads as extras and always interested in working on projects from all directions.


Most importantly I am a Father. DJ for over 30 years in bars, clubs and festivals globally, for charity projects, weddings, birthday parties and just for fun. 


On a more personal note, I have a huge passion for travelling, experiencing diverse cultures and landscapes. I have a green thumb having won several awards for my landscaping and plant features in my garden.

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I will be in touch soon :)

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